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Product Type: Ghee
Type: Natural and Organic
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Ghee is a flourishing. A food that is the best alternative to plain butter or other cooking oils. Ghee is used as an ingredient in traditional dishes, as an ideal fat for frying. Ghee is collected from evaporated cow milk solids. Ghee contains CLA, Vitamin K, Butter-wick Acid. CLA fights against heart diseases and diabetic, besides reducing extra weight. Vitamin K-2 helps to strengthen your mouth and teeth, while Butter-wick Acid can help greatly in your better digestive system. Golden colored Ghee is prepared by a traditional process of melting and simmering unsalted butter until all the water evaporates and the milk solids settle at the bottom. The remaining butter oil is very stable, giving it a high smoke point, which makes it an excellent choice to use for frying. Ghee can be stored without refrigeration for several months. Ghee is a dairy product and as such it is gluten-free.

1. Ghee is one of the best oils for cooking.
2. It has a very high smoke point (~485 degrees F).
3. Its chemical structure does not change at high heat.
4. Ghee is a nutrient dense food and contains healthy fat-soluble vitamins.
5. Cow milk has the essence of the grass and plants, and cow ghee possesses the essence of cow milk.
6. Ghee does not contain harmful trans fats or hydrogenated oils which can cause heart disease and many other serious health problems.

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